Telecommunications Management Panel (TMAN)

TelSoft is pleased to confirm its appointment by the Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO) to the newly formed Telecommunications Management Panel (TMAN). As one of the ACT-based companies on the panel, TelSoft's mission is to support AGIMO's objectives by enabling Commonwealth Government agencies to achieve the benefits of whole-of-government procurement arrangements for the supply of telecommunications services. The panel is also open to State and Territory Governments as well as Local Councils across Australia.

TelSoft offers services in three areas:

TelSoft specializes in transition management from today's telecommunications to next generation technology and applications, applying methodology that supports business models based on one-to-one marketing and value chain relationships. Our customised software solutions simulate our clients telecommunication services, enabling them to monitor and track demand, capacity and costs dynamically and to improve their risk management of investment plans, pricing strategy and business development through scenario analysis.

This means that we bring a unique approach to the delivery of telecommunication services to Government agencies through TMAN.

For further information please contact TelSoft Australia.