Securing growth for the telecommunications industry means meeting immediate and long-term challenges related to commercial competition, government regulation and network infrastructure.

We manage the transitions of industries to Next-Generation business paradigms through technical expertise combined with comprehensive knowledge, relating regional developments to global trends.

Customer-Centric Value Based Pricing (CCVBP) Model
Our solutions are based on software tools that can simulate in granular detail the global performance of wireless and wired networks, in real time or continuously as required.

This enables our clients to:

  • TRACK dynamics in consumer demand, service cost and infrastructural capacity
  • DESIGN pricing that encourages convergence between network applications and services (including voice, data, SMS, MMS and video)
  • TAILOR pricing, in a progressive way, to markets segmented by increasingly complex customer behaviours and needs
  • INTEGRATE strategies for growth and innovation across wholesale and retail channels
  • DELIVER customer-centric, value-based pricing, which reflects customers’ actual usage patterns and the resources invested in supporting them.