Recent Engagements

Education – Malaysia
The challenge posed by our client was to find a way to harvest the potential offered by the national rollout of high speed broadband to deliver continuous improvements in education achievements in primary and secondary schools. This required a new design strategy to replace conventional designs that became out of date even before they were fully implemented because of the rapid evolution of new technology as well as the rapid increase in demand from teachers and students.

TelSoft worked closely with two sets of partners: the contracted telecommunications service provider and Government agencies in the education sector. We developed a new Vision Statement with them, supported by a White Paper as well as new business models for the rollout of the service provider's new network, and developed a deployment strategy that met the educational needs of each different school, wherever it was located and whatever the infrastructure initially available. This developed a win-win-win solution for all parties: the telecommunications provider achieved certainty of revenue for its investment, the government agencies were able to meet their objectives of improving education nationally not just in a few schools, and teachers and students had the benefit of better education services including administration support, learning resources and teaching methods.

Transport – Indonesia
The challenge posed by this client is how to enable its customer, a national airline, to manage its costs in a context of increasing competition from other airlines in the region and to increase its revenue either by attracting new customers or by increasing use by existing customers. Meeting this challenge has required a new design approach to the airline's telecommunication services and new business models for both the client and the airline.

TelSoft is working closely with its main client, a national telecommunications service provider, to develop a design based on the airline's needs. This includes reviewing its utilisation of call centres and supporting the airline's improved segmentation of its customer base so that it can more easily introduce one-to-one marketing and customer service support.

Logistics – Malaysia
The challenge in this assignment is twofold and our client and their customer have a shared interest in the outcomes. Our client is interested in mitigating the risks of providing Unified Communication services through its network by obtaining a better understanding of what aspects of their customers' processes might be improved by using them. Their customer is a major regional logistics company that is particularly interested in lowering its cost of sales support while at the same time increasing sales revenue.

This is a win-win situation where both parties benefit from the experience of a managed trial of the new technology. TelSoft has worked with our client to design and operate the technical features of the service and together we have scoped and managed the trial to develop outcomes relevant to each party's interests.

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